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Rastreador de VehĂ­culo Vehicle Trackers

A vehicle Tracker collects real-time radio signals from GPS satellites, and records the location and movement of a vehicle via the data transmitted to a GPS receiver and later sent to tracking server software via GPRS/3G or 4G wireless.

Hike Person Trackers

These are solutions based on security and person handling. Person Trackers are used to monitor and locate lone employees, kids, students and family members. The person tracker canvas record the movement of the person in real-time.

Tracking Software Tracking Software

This is a complete GPS tracking software for independent tracking server. One tracking server allows simultaneously monitor thousands of the objects, and display their location on map with crystal clear details right down to street level.

Sistema de Rastreo Tracking Business

One physical GPS tracking server can allow the simultaneous monitoring of thousands of the GPS trackers and smartphones, display their location on the map, generate reports and alerts. Start your tracking business now at: Felcat Tracking

About Felcat Global

Felcat Global Ltd. is based in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the leading professional vehicle tracking company in Kenya tracking products, and is dedicated to producing reliable products and customized solutions for customers across Africa and the world at large!

During more than 3 years of development, Felcat has emerged as an important player in the telematics industry with a customer base in more than 40 countries and regions in Africa and around the world.

In Kenya, Felcat's market share is the first, in collaboration with Safaricom Mobile, Airtel and Telkom in offering complete and customized GPS tracking solutions for government, transportation, car hire/taxi services and business for greater organizational efficiency. Felcat Global is ranked among the top 3 in tracking companies in Kenya and Eastern Africa region at large.

With Felcat's cutting edge GPS tracking software solutions, companies can save costs, increase efficiencies and effectiveness hence ensuring competitiveness and growth which in turn increases profit margins.

18 Jun
Launch of Felcat Global at the Hilton Hotel!

On 1st June 2018, Felcat Global will be launched at Hilton Hotel. The event will start at 9 am in the morning. The chief guest is the ICT Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Joe Mucheru.

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06 Jul
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Felcat Global Ltd.

A leading professional company of telematics and vehicle tracking products, and is dedicated to producing reliable products and services as well as customized solutions for customers across Africa and the World at large. Our platform supports hundreds of tracking devices from different manufacturers across the world.